Rules Of Rowing

The Royal St.John's Regatta Committee's rules and regulations for the conduct of racing and other regatta events can be found through the links below. You can also download a pdf version here.

  1. Crew Compositioninformation on the makeup of each crew.
  2. Crew Representativeinformation regarding the official representatives of a crew and official representative and chief spokesperson for a crew
  3. Entry and Registration - information regarding particulars of registration of a rowing crew ( deadlines, individual/crew requirements etc. )
  4. Race Course Operationsinformation regarding and general safety of race course staff and crew ( pond conditions, flag conditions etc. )
  5. Race Day Conductinformation on important dates throughout the racing season ( time trials, regatta day etc. ) and related information on course of events for each given day.
  6. Championship Racesinformation on the rules and general qualification guidelines of the respective Championship races, to be held on Regatta Day for a given year. 
  7. Officialsinformation regarding the 'Captain of the Course' and his/her qualifications, rights and priveledges.
  8. Conduct / Penaltiesinformation regarding the rules, regulations as well as related penalties ( disqualification of crew etc. ) specific to all Regatta-related events.
  9. Definitionsinformation regarding the proper definition of the most commonly used terms related to the Regatta and its events.
  10. Repeal




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