Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee Elects 2017 Board of Directors

January 27, 2017

Media Release: Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee Elects 2017 Board of Directors
The Royal St. John’s Regatta is the oldest continuing organized sporting event in North America with 2017 marking the 199th running. On January 25, The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee held its Annual General Meeting and Election of Board of Directors.

“With the conclusion of the AGM, the substantial planning process begins. With over 50,000 visitors Lakeside each year, the planning of this event is no small achievement”, says Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee President, Paul Rogers, “With the new events which have been added to the roster for Spring and Fall, downtime is now non-existent in our organization and we are only continuing to grow.”

With over 50 members, The Regatta Committee consists completely of volunteers who selflessly share their time to plan an event which is integral to the history of Newfoundland Labrador. The Committee is then Governed by the Board of Directors, which is led by the President and Vice-President. The Vice-President also takes on the role of Captain of the Course, responsible for the execution of event days.

“I am looking forward to furthering the development of the IceMeltErg Indoor Rowing Challenge and the Fall Fun Regatta, which were introduced in 2016. Without the support and dedication of the Regatta Committee, these events would not have been as successful as they were. “
– Vice President and Captain of the Course, Chris Neary.

The IceMeltErg Indoor Rowing Challenge and Fall Fun Regatta are just two of the many initiatives under the leadership of the Board of Directors, which has 10 members, all with a unique portfolio. Each Director is responsible for a specific area related to Regatta and associated events. The Regatta Committee also employs a full-time, year-around General Manager, and a multitude of seasonal staff and contractors.

The newly elected 2017 Board of Directors replaces the 2016 Board, effective January 25, 2017 and is as follows:

Paul Rogers – President
Bob Clarke – Immediate Past President
Chris Neary – Vice President
Scott Howell – Treasurer
Candace Moakler – Secretary
Bradley Power – Director, Boathouse and Pond
Gerard Doran – Director, Groundspace
Sharon Coish Drover – Director, Communications
Susan Collins – Director, Sponsorship and Marketing
Wallace Gregory – Director, Hospitality
– 30 –
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