General Information

Most of the information required for people interested in participating in the Royal St.John's Regatta can be found in our FAQ section. If you require more information you can contact the Boathouse at (709) 576 - 8921 or by email at


The Regatta Committee provides multiple ways for rowers to provide comments or questions to the Regatta Committee, and to other rowers and coxswains. You can post on our FaceBook Page, or use our Bulletin Board - located in the corridors of the Boathouse. If you have a specific question you can contact our General Manager at


The RSJRC has been very active in the area of safety. A report has been prepared which provided over a dozen recommendations to assist in the intervention and prevention of an incident / accident within our sport and to keep all participants safe.

The Captain of the Courses will oversees the implementation of many of these recommendations. There has already been several meetings regarding safety and they will continue until all participants have an opportunity to attend. A copy of the Coxswain’s Information Session can be found here. The videos are available here.

The Rules Committee has been requested to review sections of the rules to determine if changes are required to enhance safety. 

We have also established a safety committee whose mandate is to focus on safety practices in our sport. We also encourage every participant to do your part to ensure a safe and enjoyable rowing experience. 


Constructed in 2001, the Royal St. John's Regatta boathouse offers many facilites and caters to the rowing community of the greater St. John's area.


Boathouse Staff

LeighAnne O'Neill, General Manager

Keith White, 200th Anniversary Coordinator


2015 Boathouse Summer Staff

Tom Power, Boathouse Manager

Andrew Devereaux, Asst. Boathouse Manager

Andrew Chaulk, Dock Worker

Matthew Chaulk, Dock Worker

Aaron Watkins, Financial Officer

Sara Avery, Fitness Coordinator

Luke Taylor, Groundspace Coordinator

Eric Hanna-Quinn, Technical Director

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