Championship Trophies

Background to The Kim Stirling Memorial Trophy

Kim Stirling was the daughter of Geoff and Joyce Stirling of Middle Cove, Newfoundland. Kim was an avid rower who dearly loved the sport and participated in the Regatta for four years with the Apache Female Crew. On October 16, 1977, at the age of 19, Kim was tragically killed on the west coast of Newfoundland in an automobile accident.

During her years of rowing, Kim expressed her concern and disappointment to her mother that there was not a female championship race as there was for the male. Consequently, when she died, Geoff and Joyce decided that they would create a female championship trophy in her honour and memory.

With the advice and assistance of John Perlin, then president of the Regatta Committee, the artistic services of Ted Warren, were enlisted. Ted was a sculptor who worked in pewter and lived on Bonaventure Avenue in St. John’s. It was decided a shell of delicate proportions mounted on a wooden base would be an appropriate and impressive female trophy. It took a year to complete and the Kim Stirling Memorial was ready for presentation in 1979.

A further note of human interest: Kim had mentioned to her mother the last summer she rowed, when she died an old lady after many years of rowing, she would like to be buried on the finish line in the Anglican Cemetery. In the fall of 1977, at the age of 19, she was.


Background to The Molson Gerry Angel Memorial Trophy

The male championship trophy, as it is known today, was first presented in 1954. It was provided by Carling Breweries in the United States through the Pepperrell Air Force Base Non-Commissioned Officers Club in St. John's. Fittingly, the Air Police Crew from Pepperrell was its first recipient.

In the 1960s, Carling Breweries in Newfoundland was responsible for beer distribution for all the United States Bases within the province. During this time, the title of the trophy became the Carling Cup. It was to be awarded to the winners of the Armed Forces Race, which consisted mainly of crews from Pepperrell.

Carling Breweries in the United States purchased O'Keefe Brewing Company in Canada and consequently, Carling O'Keefe was created. Carling O'Keefe then purchased Bennett Brewery, located in Newfoundland, and was known for its production of Dominion Ale. In 1973, Carling O'Keefe and the Regatta Committee renamed the distinctive trophy, the Dominion Ale Cup.

When Molson and Carling O'Keefe merged in 1989 to form Molson Breweries Canada, the trophy was transferred to Molson, who retain its sponsorship at the present time. In 2002, the trophy was renamed once again, and is now known as the Molson Gerry Angel Memorial. This was done to honour the memory of a very worthwhile, dedicated and impressive gentleman, Gerry Angel. Mr. Angel was not only a longtime employee of Molson Breweries in St. John's, but in 1982, he was given the first title of Honourary Life President of the Regatta Committee. The contributions that Mr. Angel had made to The Royal St. John’s Regatta were extensive and inspiring, symbolically comparative to the impressiveness of the 10 inch silver cup mounted on the 20 inch ebonized wooden base.

Each year, the winners of the Molson Canadian Male Championship Race are presented with the Molson Gerry Angel Memorial, gold medals and token Dominion T-shirts. In 2010, there has been a change to the medals they will receive. The inserts will take the shape of the unique and coveted Molson Gerry Angel Memorial. 

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